The Executive’s Executive Summary


Don’t have time to read a blog, and just want the “Cliffs Notes” version?  Or, ready for a refresher?  Here is a synopsis of the 25 blogs (italicized) to date:

  1. Negative contributions present opportunities for change and can stimulate growth and development.  Who Peed on Your Seed?
  2. Community-oriented environments rank as higher Quality of Life places.  From Brentwood to Brentwood,
  3. Practicing healthy self-talk will lead you to success in your goals and desires.  Ergo Sum: Practicing Healthy Self-Talk,
  4. The fears of Rejection, Losing, Being Wrong, and Emotional Discomfort surface daily in the workplace.  How Fear Interferes in the Workplace (& in Life),
  5. The organization is the product; therefore, it is more advisable to focus on the organizational culture prior to focusing on the customer and/or the product.  Identity is destiny.  Give Us Strategy! (Or Give Us Corporate Death!),
  6. An inclusive work environment promotes healthy conflict, i.e. Cognitive Diversity: challenges, inquiries, and push-back/dissent to the proposed strategies.  Workplace Xenophobia,
  7. The most effective team formation and culturally competent organization is one which pulls strengths from the “opposing forces” (i.e. varying temperaments) as though they are instruments in a toolkit from which to draw when faced with workplace challenges and clients.  The Four Temperaments & the Organization,
  8. Women hold the keys for themselves to advance in Corporate America.  Leverage the “feminine” value of Collectivism (i.e. strengthen the Sisterhood) versus the “masculine” value of Individualism (i.e. Alpha Male) to rise.  Women in Corporate Leadership,
  9. Suspend judgment AND develop a thick skin.  Judgment Day,
  10. Bad news travels faster than good news by 75% to 42%.  Protective measures must be taken – several are provided for the individual AND the organization that would make Sun Tzu proud.  Termination.  Up in the Air?
  11. Each of the five stages of corporate growth must be understood and grasped in its complexity before a smooth and stable evolution can take place.  The Evolution of International Business,
  12. For a healthy work environment, validation must replace workplace bullying – which was found to be 4X more common than sexual harassment and racial discrimination.  The Corporate Bully,
  13. Odds are in your favor that you can achieve what you expect to achieve.  10 Traits of a Positive Thinker: #1 OPTIMISM,
  14. Incorporate more into your life that which leaves you feeling inspired. 10 Traits of a Positive Thinker: #2 ENTHUSIASM,
  15. It is paramount that leaders have a strong sense of Belief in self.  10 Traits of a Positive Thinker: #3 BELIEF,
  16. A leader with unquestionable integrity is one who is trustworthy for others who may not have all the facts.  10 Traits of a Positive Thinker: #4 INTEGRITY,
  17. The feedback process varies dramatically across the globe; so, practice what I call “Corporate Darwinism” and adapt to survive.  Feedback around the World,
  18. Courage is the willingness to take risks and overcome fears, even when the outcome is uncertain; AND, it is also the willingness to move forward on your values, even when you know the outcome will be unfavorable. 10 Traits of a Positive Thinker: #5 COURAGE,
  19. Self-Confidence is one of the three hallmarks of Self-Awareness – along with knowing who you are and keeping your ego in check (i.e. a realistic Self-Assessment, and a Self-Deprecating sense of humor). 10 Traits of a Positive Thinker: #6 CONFIDENCE,
  20. Emotions, thoughts, and behaviors are the external and internal motivators for determining a task/goal to its finish.  10 Traits of a Positive Thinker: #7 DETERMINATION,
  21. Patience is directly correlated with our perception of time and our level of control over our environment.  10 Traits of a Positive Thinker: #8 PATIENCE,
  22. Power can be derived from the centrifugal force of calmness. 10 Traits of a Positive Thinker: #9 CALMNESS,
  23. Pronunciation can open and close doors to business and trust.  Accent Reduction in the Workplace,
  24. Having a firm and clear understanding of your purpose in life will give your life value.  10 Traits of a Positive Thinker: #10 FOCUS,
  25. Leaders are willing to explore a myriad of alternative explanations; not climb the Ladder of Inference.  The 11th Trait of a Positive Thinker: #11 CURIOSITY,

Thank you for reading.


Rossina Gil, MSOD, MAIS, is a Leadership and Organization Development Practitioner, author, cultural analyst, coach, speaker, and facilitator.

©Rossina Gil, 2013


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