The Executive’s Executive Summary, Part II


Don’t have time to read a blog, and just want the “Cliffs Notes” version?  Or, ready for a refresher?  Here is a synopsis of the second set of 25 blogs (italicized) to date:

  1. Of Mice and Mentors. Mentors coach/guide you; Sponsors influence decision-makers to offer you new projects &/or promote you.
  2. Talent Mapping: The Crux of Corporate America.Talent Mapping is the process of critically examining what talent exists within the organization and how to strategically plan to prepare for growth initiatives.
  3. Hellenistic Philosophy and Leadership. Philosophy is the love of wisdom.  Indeed, to practice effective leadership one requires wisdom.
  4. Renaissance and Organizations. Highly influential leaders engage in critical and independent thinking.
  5. Buddhism and Mindful Leadership. Buddhism is a philosophy (not a religion); Buddha was Indian (not Chinese) and an enlightened human (not a deity, despite all the statues).
  6. 5 Stages towards a Global Mindset. Once we determine in which stage of Intercultural Competence and Mindset we practice our business, we can move forward strategically.
  7. Corporate Primatology. Human behavior is culturally determined without our knowing it.
  8. The 21st Century Leader. Due to the reach and transparency of Social Media, the 21st Century leader’s challenge is to lead with integrity.
  9. Chief Storyteller. Tales are easier to recall and re-tell than data and statistics.
  10. Employee Engagement: Gallup Q12The Gallup Q12 is one way to determine Organizational Health
  11. The Rational Mind & the Emotional Mind. Effective leaders know how to practice Emotional Intelligence, which is a meld of the Rational and the Emotional Mind.
  12. When CEO’s Sabotage the Organization. All breadcrumbs lead back to the CEO.
  13. Indians Working with Americans.  A private cultural dialogue where the manager can provide some mentoring that helps the direct report become aware of the local norms and expectations is useful anywhere.
  14. Employee Resource Groups (not Affinity Groups).  ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) are Business- / Market-facing groups; Affinity Groups (aka Employee Networks) are inward-facing groups, which are more of a safe haven for reinforcing cultural differences, and they often serve as social clubs.
  15. Super Bowl Commercials 2014America’s most watched annual event, the Super Bowl, had three general categories for 2014: Nostalgia, America, and Humor.
  16. America’s Dystopia: Ageism.  Are we now living the real-life version of Logan’s Run?
  17. Top Websites of the World.  The USA currently holds 8 of the Top 10 most popular sites in the world
  18. Portrayal of Women in Advertisements. We need to continue making the case for women’s rights, empowerment and equality.
  19. The Consumer’s Frame of Reference.  Know thy consumer; everybody’s a customer.
  20. Binge Behaviorism.  Binge behavior could be an American developmental pattern that has escalated from the 1940’s to 2014.
  21. Be Bossy, Be Proud.  Where the heck is Mindy now??  While delegation skills may be misconstrued as “bossy” (let them own that problem), banning is bossy; coaching is leadership.
  22. How to Write Your Elevator Pitch.  The heart of your personal brand is your elevator pitch.
  23. What is OD?  Organization Development is a strategic, analytical field, usually filled with practitioners who typically have a systemic (broad picture) view, a collaborative approach, and sense of comfort with dissent. 
  24. Diversity of Thought. The best of corporate Best Practices unequivocally involve Diversity of Thought; whereas, a false consensus will drive a company off the NASDAQ.
  25. What Does Confucius Say?  We are what we repeatedly do.

Thank you for reading.


Rossina Gil, MSOD, MAIS, is a Leadership and Organization Development Practitioner, and the founder of a virtual consultancy of OD experts, CLG.  Visit us at

©Rossina Gil, 2014


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