The Executive’s Executive Summary, Part III


Don’t have time to read a blog, and just want the “Cliffs Notes” version?  Or, ready for a refresher?  Here is a synopsis of the latest 26 blogs:

  1. Cultural Appropriation. Nationality does not determine talent.
  2. A Day in the Life…of a Facilitator. A peek behind the curtain as to what it’s like to be a facilitator.
  3. Insider-Outsider Dynamics. Change agents can be both external or internal to affect change; however, Insiders can impact change more quickly.
  4. Purpose. Do what you are passionate about; don’t live your life for others.
  5. The Gratitude Letter. Forgiveness aside, just lift weight off of your heart and move forward to a healthier, happier, more productive stage of your life.
  6. Acronyms in Business Management. Acronyms are a form of mnemonics, and also become part of a company’s language.
  7. Johari Window. A cognitive psychological tool to improve self-awareness.
  8. EAP’s. Employee Assistance Programs are the human behavior and/or psychological experts who provide strategic analysis, guidance, and consultation throughout the organization.
  9. P2P Revolution. Peer-to-Peer Services; Collaborative Consumption; Collaborative Economy– straight person-to-person business dealing is so old it’s new.
  10. A Values-Based Language. We adapt our verbiage to match our values.
  11. Whistleblowers.  Wise organizations reduce the risk of whistleblower lawsuits by creating A) a system where employees can safely report misconduct, and, B) an ethical organizational culture which protects the employees from retaliation.
  12. Case Study: NYC Restaurant. When consumer behavior shifts, the successful company anticipates it and prepares itself to move with it.
  13. The Difference between Diversity & Inclusion. Diversity is the noun; Inclusion is the verb.
  14. Flow at Work. Flow theory holds that when a person has a challenge which completely engages his/her attention and the skillsets exist to meet the challenge, then s/he can reach a state of flow.
  15. To Be or Not to Be an Expatriate. There are four keys to career advancement which can be gained from serving as an expat.
  16. Difficult Co-Workers. Defense mechanisms, such as projections, rages, criticism, and blaming, may be attempts by co-workers to get you to feel their pain for them.
  17. Talent Retention. This is how to keep High-Potentials (i.e. Everybody).  
  18. Athletic C-Suite. Athletic executives know how to work on the task with talented colleagues by focusing on their colleagues’ capabilities; not on their personalities.
  19. Thanksgiving and Capitalistic Dysfunction. Americans are much more likely to work nights and weekends than other nationalities.
  20. The Power of Intention in the Workplace. A Connector is someone who is connected to the Source – a power of energy which surges and galvanizes Connectors to motivate, build up, and inspire others towards positive development.
  21. Sounding Board. A Sounding Board is one or more people who actively listen to your ideas and provide the wealth of their experience to your position.
  22. Giving 200%. Do you feel you need to give 200% just to compete? 
  23. Old World Models. The challenge is to shift old world paradigms to reflect modern society.
  24. Shock Value. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has passed a law that impacts more than 100 companies; requiring them to have at least 30% women on their supervisory boards.
  25. When to Say “Merry Christmas”. Tailor/Adapt your approach to best suit each individual.
  26. Highly Sensitive People.  HSP’s are the “Royal Advisor Class.” They tend to include academics, theologians, psychotherapists, consultants, and judges.

Thank you for reading.


Rossina Gil, MSOD, MAIS, is a Leadership and Organization Development Practitioner, and the founder of Corporate Looking Glass, LLC – a diverse consultancy of OD experts and strategic thinking partners.  We increase retention.  Visit

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