As a Leadership & Organization Development Practitioner, Rossina Gil implements a Positive Psychology approach to corporate strategy.  She uses her analytical and interpersonal skills to leverage the strengths of leaders and organizations.

She is the author of The Corporate Looking Glass: Using Culture for Your Competitive Advantage, available on Amazon.com.

Analyst.  Facilitator.  Arm-chair Chocolate Connoisseur.  Rossina has been a conference speaker at UCLA, Rice University, LVU, CSUN, ASTD, SHRM; and, the leadership speaker for Wellmark’s Blue Zone Institute launch in Des Moines, Iowa.

Please visit CorporateLookingGlass.com for more information.

  1. Hi Rossina,
    Congrats on your new Blog, and it’s substance. What an epic comparison Brentwood to Brentwood, great job in capturing both places at so many levels and viewpoints. As a 4th generation Californian, I have to admit Nashville looks really attractive as a place to live and build community. Maybe I should visit you, take a look around, and even buy some cowboy boots! Seriously, loved the intercultural comparisons and totally agree with your points.
    Marian Stetson-Rodriguez

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