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2015 Super Bowl Ads & the Four Temperaments


Super Bowl XLIX brought in the most television viewers EVER, so it’s imperative that marketers get their commercials right.  It’s about tapping into the temperament of the primary consumer.

Here are the ads that reach out to each of the Four Temperaments: (The brand names are the clickables for the ads)


What does beer have to do with puppies and horses?  Nothing.  But, the act of drinking beer is often more about being in a mood than logic.  This commercial appeals to the Blue Temperament, which is about EMOTION and HARMONY.  The Feelers are drawn to this.  There is tenderness, despair, fear, protection, and love all-wrapped into a 60-second rollercoaster ride.  Yes, I had something in my eye while watching this.

Bud Light 

A bartender asks, “If I gave you a Bud Light, are you up for whatever happens next?” Without hesitation, the patron answers, “Yes.” This is for the risk-takers.  The subject is excited to see what looks to be a party, still without knowing what he has gotten himself into.  Yet, he is game to being a human Pac Man.  Running, laughing, hollering, and multiple attempts make this commercial a flagrant appeal to the Orange Temperament.  Orange is about ACTION, COMPETITION, and FUN.  This temperament appeals most especially to the typical American.


Wisdom and age tend to go hand in hand.  This commercial is clearly for the Green Temperament, which is about INTELLIGENCE – making the smart, rational choice, usually based on precedent.  The elderly make a shift from an unequivocal, matter-of-fact stance on what they’ve learned, and then 30 seconds into the ad, they pivot to a more impassioned, playful, and irreverent presentation of life’s lessons (adding the Blue and Orange temperaments to their appeal).


In an attempt to appeal to both sides of the brain, T-Mobile presents the logical argument of “keep the data” by adding humor.  This commercial is aimed primarily at the Gold Temperament, which is about PROCESS and JUSTICE.  The Thinkers are drawn to this, because it makes efficient sense.  I get to keep what I pay for, without having any hassle.


Go Eagles!


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